Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Comfort & Harmony Mombo - Review & GIVEAWAY!!! [[ CLOSED ]]

The Mombo, from Comfort & Harmony, is in one word, AMAZING!

I have used several nursing pillows over the years (my oldest child is 10) and was skeptical that I could like ANY pillow as much as my Boppy. Boy was I WRONG!

With my Boppy, because it was so FLAT, I had to put a regular pillow (or the 2nd Boppy I have) underneath it to get the height/firmness I needed for nursing. But I still used the Boppy by itself for propping the baby up to sit or for "tummy time". With the Mombo, I have the best of BOTH worlds. There is a softer side for propping up baby to help her "sit" or for "tummy time" and I can simply flip it over for the firmness & support I need for breastfeeding!

The following is a stock photo of the item from the retailer:

The feature I think I love the most is the vibration that you can easily turn on or off when they are propped up on it. It works great to help my gassy daughter burp. The only flaw I have found is how easy it is to turn it on when it's inside the pillow. My almost 2 year old has turned it on himself many times just by leaning on the pillow and so batteries have been replaced a couple of times already in the 3 months we've been using it. We end up just removing the vibration part when we're not using it to save battery life since it's so simple to slip in and out of the pillow.

Washing it has been easy. I have washed the cover a couple of times due to a baby that spits up quite a bit. It hasn't shrunken in the wash like the Boppy covers have and so it was VERY easy to get it back on the pillow. The only thing I should note here about the cover is the tag started falling apart (the edge has frayed quite a bit) - this happened even before I washed the cover. I'm sure many moms will cut the tag completely off, so it's not a major issue, but I just wanted to point this out.

Click here to get product specs & read what other moms are saying about the Mombo!

I noticed several other moms commenting about the "size" of the Mombo - meaning the opening part of it. Yes, it does fit a little snuggly, but isn't that the point of a nursing/ support pillow? I didn't want one that would flop around or move around when switching the baby to a new position. Despite it's "snug-ness", it hasn't deformed (stretched out) in any way which is wonderful! And, although it is snug, my husband has used it when holding the baby without a problem (and he's 6' 1" / 195 lbs)! Having said that, however, I can see how larger moms/dads MAY have an issue being able to use this.

I also noticed they have different covers available for it now and can't wait to get the Taggies one because our daughter LOVES her Little Taggies blanket!

Firmness on one side Softness on the other (and it's still VERY supportive of baby)
Cover doesn't shrink in the wash
Perfect height for nursing/feeding baby

Snug fit (I can see larger moms/dads having some trouble using this)
Ease of turning on vibration (battery dies quickly)

Here are a couple photos of it "in action":

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