Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

This will be the first post categorized as "Wacky Weekends". Since my husband is a soldier, he rarely gets time off. When he does it usually falls on a weekend (at least lately it has). That means, our weekends are "family time" where we get to do things with all of us together at the same time.

These posts may not always happen on weekends, unless it's late on a Sunday night, but a recap of our fun family adventures will be a regular occurance.

Today we're having our own "Super Bowl Party". Just us, and the two little ones since Katie is at her dad's. This is quite a change from last year when the hubby was "down range" and I had a large group of friends over to our old house in Kansas (we moved to Kentucky about 8 months ago - thank you Uncle Sam).

Finger foods, football and relaxing are on the "menu" today. During the game (between commercials), I will probably clip the coupons from the 4 newspapers I bought this morning. Every woman knows the best part of the game are the food and the commercials - does it even matter which teams are playing? And every mom knows to be thankful to eat the food while it's hot and to even be able to see/hear HALF the commercials!

And now you are going to witness my first "official" MOMentarily distracted moment during my blogging time - the baby just fell asleep so, of course, the toddler has woken up from his nap and is banging on his bedroom door!

Until next time!