Sunday, February 5, 2012


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It's 36 days into the new year and I'm finally following through on one of my non-resolutions. I have started blogs in the past, but I always felt like I had to separate out the types of posts I was making onto separate blogs for those that were only interested in reading about certain things. Then, I would forget to keep the multiple blogs updated with any kind of frequency and eventually lost interest.

I made a non-resolution to create a single blog location for all my future writing. (Since I do not believe in or follow through on "new year's resolutions", I have begun refering to my yearly goals as NON-resolutions.) It is my sincere promise to you, my reader(s), to update this blog regularly.

I ask you, my soon-to-be-loyal-reader(s), to hold me accountable. If I veer off course in the slightest, please pull me back in! Please use the "Contact" page to email me and take advantage of the comments feature to share your thoughts! Please note that I reserve the right to censor and/or remove any comments that I, or my other reader(s) may find offensive. That includes, but is not limited to: personal insults, direct threats and innapropriate language.

My hope is that this blog can be an informative, yet entertaining distraction for all of us!

Once again, welcome to my MOMentarily distracted life!

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