Saturday, March 3, 2012

Everything Changes

I have been growing my hair out & stopped dyeing it since I got pregnant with our now 2 year old back in 2009. This morning it was down past the middle of my back. But as the title of this post says, everything changes.

I have been talking with hubby about getting it cut for over a month but it wasn't until a good friend got her hair done about a week ago that I started doing my research.

Everything in my life starts with research. Haircuts are no exception. I found an amazing FREE online tool that lets you upload a photo and "try on"different hairstyles! (

Of course, I had to try on all of the styles before I narrowed it down to about 10 that I liked. Hubby narrowed it down to just 4 of those and I posted those to facebook and got input from my friends. Why get input from others, you ask? Well unless you're a narcissist, chances are other people will spend more time looking at you than you spend looking at yourself. Why shouldn't they like what they see?

Seriously though, I respect the opinions of my friends so that's why I asked for their input. :)

Hubby also said I could get it dyed if I wanted since I've been complaining about the gray coming in (for the record, I can totally pull off the salt & proper look). So, I made an appointment for this morning to get it cut, colored & highlighted & I feel like a new woman!

I look like a totally different woman too! The last time I did something this drastic to my hair, my hubby told me he felt like he was cheating on me!

Speaking of him, I'm thankful for having such a supportive husband who spent 3 hours on zone defense with both little ones at home while I was at the salon! I am so spoiled to get that much "me" time!

Good night all!

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