Friday, March 16, 2012


WOW what a week! I'm very glad that it's finally Friday!

With little princess going through her growth spurt AND gettnig her first tooh and little man's LAST 2 year molar cutting through it's been HECK all week in this house! At least the weather has been gorgeous (mostly) so we've gotten outside quite a bit to play! (To their credit, other than when they are cranky due to teething, the kids have actually been REALLY well behaved this week.) :)

Did a pretty big shopping trip to Publix last night (paid just under $162) & between that & our "stockpile", we're pretty much set for groceries (other than the usual eggs,milk, bread, cheese, fresh fruits & veggies) for the next MONTH! So happy to have couponing to keep our grocer budget down to a managable level!

So I know I got off track since Fridays are "slated" as recipe days for "Foodie Friday". Being Lent, our Friday meals consist of seafood. Tonight we're going to have some baked salmon (with a lil lemon & seasoning), sauteed asparagus (in BUTTER - hey I never said I cooked "healthy") and a CLONE of Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits! These are total YUM! I'll be posting the recipe in a minute!

NOTE: You can trust that when I post CLONE recipes that they will taste IDENTICAL to the restaurant item!

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