Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Healthy Family!

It seems appropriate that today is a "Thankful Thursday" because I have been praying hard for my Brother-in-law who went in for surgery this morning. Thankfully, I was just informed that he is in recovery & the surgery went well. He had to have 1 foot of "diseased" colon removed! They were able to do it through use of laparoscopy (I *think* that's how you spell it) so just 3 1-inch incisions! WOW! I am completely amazed by modern medicine more & more each day!

I am thankful that he made it through surgery well & recovery should be pretty smooth. Also, I'm thankful that my sister has one less thing to worry & stress over. Most of all, I'm thankful for the health of all my family members!

Side note - I'm still asking for prayers for his recovery as well as the recovery of a dear friend who had ankle surgery just over a week ago. Thanks in advance!

I hope you all have a THANKFUL Thursday!

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