Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning 2012 - Part 2 - Some Before Photos

I'll be adding even MORE before photos in the next few days & the after photos once I finish going through everything (& I truly do mean EVERYTHING) & re-organizing it all.

Here are a few "before" photos that I wanted to share. Not proud of my messy closet in these, but that's the point of re-organizing, right?

The top shelves of my closet are *supposed* to be for oversized things like sweatshirts/hoodies etc & to store "off season" items (my t-shirts in winter, sweaters in summer). But somehow, it turned into a big jumbled mess when we moved in last Fall.

From these photos, it is clear that I have yet to put up the maternity clothes (laundry basket in the bottom of the closet) and our little princess is almost 4 months old! Yikes!
 Stole the "sideways" organizing of sweaters/shirts from a pin on pinterest (will locate link & give credit shortly). Time to pull out the sweaters & long sleeved shirts & trade them for t-shirts & tanks! :)
 More sweaters on the right side here. Left side are my nursing tanks (that are my wardrobe staple right now). I'm going to move them up a drawer since I wear them 24/7 - they are just so AWESOME! I wear them solo around the house & just throw on another shirt over if we're venturing out in "public".
So there you have just a PORTION of my clothing "clutter" that I've started to go through. Definitely plenty of more BEFORE pics I need to take & post of the rest of the house (especially of my secret "dumping ground" - oh admit it - you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about - we ALL have one!)

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