Monday, March 19, 2012


I know, I know - I'm getting a little ahead of myself with Spring Cleaning this year since "technically" tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring, but it's one of those things that you just have to jump into when you have the energy/time/motivation to actually DO it so, today was "Spring Cleaning - DAY 1" in our house!

The very 1st thing I do to start off my Spring Cleaning is to "air out" the house. You know how it gets with the windows being shut up all winter & the heater going - blowing the same old "stale" air around indoors for MONTHS. YUCK right?! We also had plastic on all our windows to help minimize our utility bills (it works AMAZINGLY well if you've never tried it - just need a kit (I use Duck brand), a tape measure, scissors & a hairdryer). It felt great to remove the plastic from the windows & open them up to let in the sunshine & a nice breeze (which honestly makes it seem much cooler than the 76 degrees it is outside today).

The next thing I do is go through EVERYONES clothing - starting with my own. So, when
going through my clothes, I found that I am now at least 1 size smaller than last year at this time, so there are MANY (and I do mean MANY) things that must find a new home! I'm excited to say that a lot of it could be resold for a bit of "extra income" which will be nice, but I do plan on donating most of it to a local organization that gives free items to lower-ranking military families right here on post (it's never to early to start thinking about charitable donations - every little bit adds up at the end of the year to save you on your taxes).

I'm going to start taking before & after photos of each closet/room as I declutter/organize so you can maybe get some ideas on how to begin your own Spring Cleaning project(s).  So stay tuned to watch my chaos get organized!

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