Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time to Close the Windows?

YAY for my 1st official "Tickle Me Tuesday" post!

Ok so there are cute things my kids do on a daily basis & goofy things I do because I'm so "distracted" all the time... here are a few "highlights" from the past week...

Tickle #1:
Lil princess was fussing this morning while I was in the bathroom & I heard the toddler say "OH NO!" so I said "Can you go check on your sister for me? I'll be out in a minute." I heard a quiet "ok" then the patter of his feet over to her swing followed by "Hey you! Stop that!"

Tickle #2:
Yesterday afternoon I got a LOOOONG hot shower after the hubby got home from his Combatives II class. You know the kind of LOOOONG shower I'm talking about - the kind where you can actually follow the shampoo bottle's directions of: lather, rinse & repeat (instead of lathering, rinse half way out before hearing a scream or cry & jumping out of the shower just to walk around with crusty shampoo hair the rest of the day).

I walked out of the bathroom into our bedroom as I normally do - in just a towel. This time was different however, because I had all the house windows and BLINDS wide open! Of course the neighbor was out washing his car (with his KIDS) and 2 MP's on bikes were riding by as well! They didn't laugh or didn't even notice... either way, I'm grateful for that! I quickly grabbed some clothes & fled to the "safety" of the bathroom!

Tickle #3:
One should never ever EVER tweet or facebook or text if they have been drinking - and by "one" I mean ME! The other night I enjoyed an entire bottle of wine over the course of the 2 hours I was watching my Sunday night shows. I haven't had that much wine (or any other alcoholic beverage) in a LOOOONG time (probably 4 years?), so as you can imagine, I was quite "buzzed". My shows (Army Wives & GCB) were "that much better" and I could not for my life stop cracking up & tweeting/facebooking/texting. My dear husband took away my cell phone before I made a total fool of myself (he also corrected a personal FB status for me). Yep, he's a keeper! :)

Tickle #4:
I'm breastfeeding our little princess (& breastfed the other children as well). In our house, we somehow started calling it "boobie juice" - I have NO idea why, we just do - I guess milk was just too hard to say? But I digress. When I got pregnant with her around this time last year, our son (almost a year old) had to get "cut off" from the "boob" because of some medication I have to take to stay pregnant (someday I'll blog about my miscarriage journey). Well the other day I was feeding her (as usual) and he pointed to my other breast & asked "I have some?" I told him no it is only milk for babies and he's a big boy now. So he climbed up next to me on the couch, pointed to it AGAIN and said "I want some BOOB JUICE!" really loud. The windows were open & I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking!

I love Spring, but I might have to start keeping my windows closed! ;)

I hope you all have a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

Later taters!

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