Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sorry for going MIA & My Tweet-obsession

So I've been MIA for about a week - my biggest apologies to all of you!
Things have been hectic here with the kids, my carpal tunnel has been acting up, work stuff for the hubby and now my knee injuring rearing it's ugly head (again). That and I'm still trying to kick this stupid sinus infection I've had since we left New Jersey.

I'm feeling ok today sinus-wise but the carpal tunnel is pretty bad in my right wrist and my left knee has been hurting really bad (lots of "clicking" and pain since mid-day yesterday). Going to call the appointment line to try to get seen soon for both issues. I don't even know who my primary doctor is anymore. I've gotten 3 letters in the mail over the last few months that they changed it and I stopped trying to keep track since I hadnt' needed to see my primary doctor since we moved. Guess I'm going to find out today who it is!

I've been posting quite a bit on twitter about non-mom stuff and I was going to try to make it more "relevant" to mom-only issues but then thought better of that since that wouldn't be "me being myself". I hope you still continue to follow me there with my random thoughts about how HOT *I* think Derek Jeter is or the NY Rangers & their playoff games and my TV show addictions to Big Bang Theory, ArmyWives, GCB and Fashion Star (among many other things).

If you do follow me on twitter and read my blog postings, please send tweet me & I'll give you a shout out!

I'm still looking for ideas on a prize for caption contests for "Wordless Wednesday" photos. Email or comment below with your thoughts on that!

Lots of posts coming your way today to get "caught up" from my "week off"! Some recipes, some humor & some random-ness! Hope you enjoy them all!

Later Taters!

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