Saturday, May 19, 2012

Life Insurance: Part 1 - Putting a Price on Weight?

Ok, so as I get ready to make our next supplemental life insurance payment, I've been reflecting on the process of actually getting the policy.

The initial portion of the phone call for the quote went well - they asked all the "pertinent" demographic data & health questions. I answered for myself and for hubby and waited while the "calculated" the premium.

He said hubby would rate at "best of health" - go figure, a physically fit soldier got the best rate! I, on the other hand, got "average health" - why did I get that? I wanted to know too, so I made the mistake of asking!

Let me preface his reply by stating here that I had to give him the names/ages of our kids so we could cover them under the policy as well (more on that later), but he was well aware of the kid situation & that I had JUST had a baby. Also, for those that know me personally, I requested this quote in February so baby girl was a mere 3 months old and I was already BELOW pre-pregnancy weight at that point. Ok, back to the topic...

He said that I got that premium rate based on my weight! I hated to ask anything after that because I could feel my blood starting to boil, but I asked anyway (stupid stupid stupid)...

His response was (I would hope that a woman would have found a better way to say this to me, but I'm doubting it): "Well, if you would just lose a couple of pounds, you'd qualify for "Very Good Health" which is the next best premium rate." I wanted to reach through the phone and slap him, but instead, (and being a gluton for punishment at this point), I asked "Exactly how many pounds are we talking about?" He replied "Only about 6 based on what you gave me as your weight." I then asked how much the difference in premium would be - turns out - $16 a month! (so about 1/3 off the premium for 6 measly pounds - ok pick your jaw up here)

So I asked about how soon the policy could be re-evaluated for me to get the better rate later on once I've lost the weight. His reply? "Well it's ONLY 6 pounds. You can probably lose that by the time they come to do your health screening in a few weeks." This is where I kind of lost it (I'd like to blame the hormones) and "gently" reminded him that I had JUST had a baby 3 months before.

At this point, I'd like to say he apologized profusely, but he just said "I know, I'm just trying to help you get the best rate possible." I thanked him for the quote and told him to have the healthy screening people call me to set up a day/time to come out.

Seriously though, I was highly offended. He could have been a little more sensitive - maybe they need a little training? If the premiums hadn't been so great compared to other companies, we would have gone somewhere else. Even as I write this, it has been 3 months since that phone call and I'm still upset. Oh and I can't get "re-evaluated" for 2 years after the start of the policy so hopefully I'm not pregnant or recovering from pregnancy at that point so I can get the better rate.

Anyone else have a bad customer service experience getting life insurance? In Life Insurance: Part 2, I will talk about covering your kids on your policy and WHY it's important!

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