Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Last Apology

Ok, so it would appear that me trying to write a blog post per day isn't going to work out. So, here is my one final apology for not blogging as often as I *should* (or at least how often that *I* think I should).

I went to the doctor about a week and a half ago about my wrist pain and they are pretty sure it's Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (similar to Carpal Tunnel but the issue is with a different nerve in the wrist). I see a neurologist on the 22nd to have some EMG's done to determine if that's the case. Ultimately I'll either need a steroid injection in my wrists (which may only be a temp fix) or surgery.

From now on I will post when I can as long as my wrists cooperate. I currently have about 10 blogs that are "partially written" that I am going to attempt to finish over the next few days.

If I do need surgery, I'll keep you updated b/c that will mean at least a week of recooperation where I won't be allowed to be on the computer. <insert big giant sad face here>

So without further delay, let me get some of those posts finished! I know at least 1 person is waiting on that Molten Chocolate "Lava" Cake recipe! :)

Later Taters!

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