Friday, June 1, 2012

Everyone Needs a Super Hero

Ok, so since I missed out on Tickle Me Tuesday this week, I'm sharing a "Funny Friday" with you.

I was just in the kitchen doing the dishes & heard our 2 year old saying "Batman" over & over again by our DVD shelf. Since we keep all our DVDs (& other things) in alphabetical order & he's still only 3 feet tall, I knew he couldn't see/reach the Batman movies from where he was so I got curious.

When I got to the shelf, he had pulled out a "Superman" movie & was pointing at him on the cover saying "Batman". Since my husband is a super hero fanatic, I decided I may as well ensure the child has the right name for the character so I say, no that's not Batman, that's SUPERMAN. Saying "Sooooper-Maaan" over & over again like an idiot.

I then showed him one of the Batman DVDs so he could "see the difference" and he pointed to it and said "Batman" then pointed to "Superman" again and yelled "SOOOOPY". So in my over-emphasising of the "oooo" sound, SOOOOPY has been born.

Of course, I had to call hubby IMMEDIATELY at work & interrupt something important (I'm assuming) and had Junior say "SOOOOPY" a bunch of times.

I guess I should start learning the names of all the super heroes so I can get them right. Maybe even learn the "right" story lines so I can make sure the boy knows that the movies are completely inaccurate.

Later Taters! :)

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