Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Changes

As you may have noticed, my blog has been a ghost town here lately. It is for many reasons & here is a summary of the past few months:

1. My oldest was here visiting for the summer. She lives with her dad during the school year - attending one of the best schools in the country - so when she's here visiting I tend to spend as much time with her as humanly possible.

2. We found out we are expecting again (due in early March but will be induced at the end of February). It's another BOY! We are so excited, but there were many, MANY weeks there where I was sick as a dog and could barely get out of bed to do the day-to-day tasks of the household, let alone get on the computer to write.

3. My mother had bleeding in her brain and had to have surgery followed by a stay in ICU. We went up to visit but she was heavily medicated & doesn't remember us being there for two weeks to see her. She is recovering well and is a sub-acute rehab facility & we have hopes she will be home in time for the holidays.

4. We found out we are MOVING! Normally, people in the military tend to stay in one location for about 3 years before getting orders to move. Well, we have been here in Kentucky for not even a year and a half yet and already got orders to PCS (move). Next summer we'll be moving to GERMANY! Exciting? YES! Stressful? YOU BET! And keeping us busy busy busy with getting everything done in time - medical clearances, housing requirements, purging un-needed items (downsizing/decluttering), getting passports etc.

Seeing as how we are moving so far from friends & family, I recently renewed the domain for our personal website & will be doing a complete overhaul on it before the move. To go along with that, I have decided to completely revamp my blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter pages too! The webpage redesigns, upcoming holidays, pending arrival of the new baby and upcoming move overseas will be keeping us VERY busy and also provide plenty of topics for the blog so I want to complete the re-do by Dec 15th.

That being said, if you stop by the blog and it's not working properly or there are funky graphics, things cut off of pages or links aren't working right, please bear with me through the changes. PLEASE, if you find a bad link, Email Me a link to the page where it appears so I can get it fixed quickly!

Thanks so much for stopping by & continuing with me on my MOMentarily Distracted journey!

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