Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counting Down to TURKEY

So it's nearly Thanksgiving day & everywhere I look, people are counting down to the turkey - what time they are eating, what they are serving with it & how to cook it "properly".

I say as long as it's not burnt, you're doing just fine. Some people may even choose not to have turkey, but something entirely different instead & that's great too! Remember this - it doesn't matter WHAT you're eating - it matters WHO you are eating with and that you are blessed to have food on your table.

Let us all focus on the blessings & thankfulness of the season as we approach Thanksgiving Day & not on the "who brought what to eat", "who made the best dessert", "who drank the most wine" and especially not the "how early are we getting up to shove people out of the way to BUY stuff tomorrow (Black Friday)".

Take ONE day to remember your blessings and be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life.

Remember - someone is happy with LESS than what you have & some of the things that YOU take for granted, someone else is still PRAYING for!

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