Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dear Husband: Your Thermostat Privileges Have Been REVOKED!

Dear Husband,

I know you have been training outside for the last 3 weeks in 40 degree temps (and sometimes lower) and you asked if you could turn the thermostat "up a little bit" last night, but when I agreed, I didn't think I would wake up sweating in a 74 degree house this morning!

I love you to death, I REALLY do (please always remember that), but-comma-however I do NOT enjoy waking up basically in a PUDDLE of my own sweat because you were chilled from being outside all day.

That being said, this serves as notice that your thermostat privileges have been REVOKED! This is temporary until such time as you show you will not set the temp above say 71 degrees and promise to never let me wake up sweaty again (unless for "good" reasons wink-wink).

Just keep in mind that I REALLY DO love you, but between the hormones & the heat on, I was a hot mess (literally) when I woke up this morning (and that was after I slept all night with NO covers on)!

Your loving wife,


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