Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are your bedrooms COLD in the winter?

Ok so now that it's getting to be winter again we've got our heat on. ALL our bedrooms never seem to get warm enough (especially at night). Last winter I went out & bought that "shrink wrap plastic" for all the windows in the house and it didn't really seem to do much to keep the bedrooms warm.

A friend told me to tape over the vents in the main parts of the house (living room, kitchen, etc). This would "force" all the heat to pump to the bedrooms & those would get warm first & the heat would filter back to the rest of the house.

I taped off the dining room, living room & kitchen vents yesterday morning in the hopes that the bedrooms would be warm for the kids' naptime. It worked for our master bedroom & for the toddler's room. They were nice & toasty.

That's great, however, it didn't work well in the girls' room much at all. I waited for the heat to kick on to see if that vent was pushing any air out - and it was - but the vent is mounted upside down (the air goes right to the ceiling). I checked the other bedrooms & sure enough, those are pointed up also.

For some reason, those rooms got warmer though so I guess there is something wrong with one or both windows in there (my next thing to investigate). ONE of those windows still has the plastic from last winter on it because it's blocked by the end of my oldest's loft bed so I just left it up. It sort of has to be an issue with the other window I think (by process of elimination).

Either way I'm going to have to call housing & have them come check the windows in there & flip those vents over so the air will blow DOWN instead of UP. Of course I discover this on a week where I'm busy getting ready for our trip to see family, so it may have to wait until we get home. We've put up with it this long, I guess a little longer can't hurt us.

Later taters!

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