Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Photo Ornaments

So I've seen a lot of different photo ornament tutorials out there on Pinterest, blogs & YouTube but pretty much all of them have you printing a SINGLE photo on translucent paper and pasting / modge podging it ON the glass ball ornament. I say that is all too much work! LOL!

My DIY photo ornaments have TWO photos (glued back to back) INSIDE the ornament! To me it just seems so simple to do it this way!

I bought some clear glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby (on sale 50% off) for under $4.50.

I got a great deal on Shutterfly.com for 151 free photo prints (they had a deal at the end of Nov for 101 free prints & you get 50 free just for setting up an account with them - I just had to pay shipping) so that's where my photos came from!

These I'm using are 2 5/8" ornaments so my photo circles are cut accordingly.

You cut the photos into circles to fit your ornament, glue them back to back & let dry COMPLETELY (that part is important)!

Next you trim up the edges of the circles so they match up perfectly (no white edge from the back of the other photo showing).

Remove the top from the glass ornament (they just pull out).

You GENTLY roll up the photo from right to left (or left to right) & stuff it BOTTOM FIRST in the top opening of the ornament ball. TRY NOT TO CREASE IT!

Using 2 bamboo skewers (the kind I use to check cakes to see if they are done), you gently UNROLL the photos within the ornament to get it to lay flat across the middle.

Add back the ornament topper & VOILA! You just made a photo ornament!


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