Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Melted" Snowman Ornaments

I also found these ornaments on Pinterest but without any real instructions other than what to use to make them so here goes some basic instructions.

I used 2 5/8" clear PLASTIC Christmas ornaments (I chose plastic over glass because we have little ones who are VERY curious about the Christmas tree but you can easily use glass for these). *** I got my clear ornaments at Hobby Lobby - their Christmas decor was 50% off so I got a DOZEN balls for less than $4.50 including tax! ***

I opened the tops & put approximately 1/4 cup Kosher Salt into the ornament (with a funnel).

I then rolled some orange paper into a cone for the snowman's "nose".

I added several whole black peppercorns for the snowman's "eyes", "mouth" & "buttons".

Since I didn't have any appropriate Christmas-y fabric scraps, I chose some red & green plaid scrapbooking paper & cut it to be a "scarf" with little fringe on the ends & then I curled it like ribbon with a pair of scissors.

Finally, I GLUED the tops onto the ornaments. Again, this step is probably not "necessary" but in case the kids get one of these off the tree I didn't want them EATING the salt & peppercorns! ICK!

These are not just cute for your own tree - they would make GREAT Christmas gifts as well!


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