Monday, January 28, 2013

Bye Bye Bad Day!

I was having a bad day. Not the worst of days by any means, but a bad day none-the-less. I hadn't gotten much sleep because little princess is getting some molars (YAY - NOT!). On top of that I have a bad headache (not quite migraine level - but getting closer by the minute) and the kids & dog just do NOT want to listen.

Hubby came home to grab some lunch (it turns out it was his turn to stay at the office over lunch so he had to leave right away) and I snapped at him because of how stressed I am. Well, I'm not "overly" religious (really I'm NOT) but God thought I needed a little "message" from Him.

It came in the form of a package in the mail. A package I wasn't expecting and instantly & automatically cursed when I heard the doorbell because the dog (of course) started barking which woke up BOTH children from their naps - they have since fallen back to sleep. It turned out that package was a "care package" from my parents in New Jersey.

I haven't talked much about my immediate family on here but I mentioned my mom had brain surgery back in Sept and we went home for emergency leave. Well, the contents of the package made me laugh (at first) and then bawl my eyes out (I got the package about an HOUR ago and still cannot stop crying).

The first thing I saw when I opened it were the children's nail clippers that I left there over Christmas. I was thankful Dad thought to include them since I CANNOT seem to locate our "backup" pair since I used them last week - and you all know how fast little ones' nails grow!

I then saw Thomas' Toast-R-Cakes! They are my ALL TIME favorite breakfast food. They look like pancakes but taste like corn muffins! I love them toasted with butter melted into them! (And yes they're made by Thomas' as in the English muffins). I have been unable to purchase them in ANY state we've lived in since hubby has come back on Active Duty. I swear it's a conspiracy that you can ONLY find them in New Jersey.

I had mentioned over Christmas when we were visiting that I had been craving them and would buy some to bring home (which of course I then forgot to do). My dad sent me SIX packages of them (which MIGHT last me a month if I ration them LOL).

Then I see this bubble wrapped blue "thing"... I wonder "what in the world is this?" I open it... it hits me what it is and WHO made it... I start bawling... uncontrollably... for a while... I used probably half a box of tissues...

When you see it, you might think - oh it's "just a crocheted hat"... how nice of her parents to send a homemade gift... but think... my DAD doesn't crochet... my mom did (before her surgery)... she apparently had been working on her crocheting with her occupational therapist to strengthen her hands... dad has also been encouraging her to do it when she's not at therapy (on the "off" days)...

This GORGEOUS AMAZING WONDERFUL TINY BLUE HANDMADE CROCHETED BABY HAT is for our as-yet unborn son William (he's being evicted in 30 days if he doesn't come before then on his own). My mother - who had BRAIN SURGERY for intercranial bleeding only 4 1/2 months ago!!! - made it for him!

Sorry if you read this far without having tissues handy - I should have warned you ahead of time... I'm going to reach for another one myself... then take another Tylenol because all this crying isn't helping my headache...

If you're having a bad day too, I hope this post helped improve your day a little bit (or a lot, like it did for me).

God's message for me today was this:
"When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer." ~ Psalm 94:19

Later Taters!

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