Monday, January 21, 2013

General Mills Military Region Coupons and Offers

Have you heard about the General Mills Military Region Coupons and Offers Program? It's a great way to save even MORE money when you shop at the Commissary! You can sign up simply by texting GMSAVE to 82857 and providing them your email address.

Up to 4 times per month you'll get notifications about great new General Mills products, special coupons you can use at the Commissary (just print them at home) and news about upcoming sales!

Oh and General Mills brand ISN'T just about CEREAL! Other great names are within the GM "umbrella" such as Yoplait, Green Giant, & Betty Crocker (and WHO doesn't love Betty Crocker?)!

For even more information, check out the program's Facebook page:

Sign up today to start saving & be sure to share this amazing program with all the other military families you know!

Later Taters!

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