Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gestational Diabetes & Our LAST Baby

Well I think I've finally settled on the new design for the blog! Which is good news & pretty much the only good news I've gotten this week.

I just found out I didn't pass my 3 hour glucose test for Gestational Diabetes. Now I'll be checking my bloodsugar multiple times per day and praying I won't need to be on insulin injections for the remainder of the pregnancy. BLAH!

Have any of my readers ever had GD? I don't know of anyone personally who has ever had it - or if someone I know did have it, they didn't let on that they did.

I think this whole thing sort of confirmed for hubby & I that this is likely our last pregnancy because in future pregnancies, the chance of having it again is very high.

So now I'm also sad knowing that in 7 short weeks I'll never be pregnant again - EVER. I guess we needed something to help us decide one way or the other and this was it, but-comma-however I didn't want it to be so FINAL - you know what I mean?

AHHHHHH - so much to think about right now!

Later Taters!

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