Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, I know in my last blog posting, I promised to come back before the end of the year and finish off the cookie recipes as well as give the blog a "whole new look" but there is a LOT going on right now so please bear with me through the next few weeks!

My visit home to see family was wonderful yet stressful at the same time. My oldest is now a Tween (officially turned 11 this morning) and needs more one-on-one time with me which is hard - especially when she is with her dad. My own mother needs more help than I thought after her surgery a mere 3 1/2 months ago (almost 4 months actually). My dad really enjoyed having us staying there to help him around the house and with mom's medications etc.

Like most men, my father doesn't show a whole lot of emotion so when he cries it's a BIG deal - well lets just say he was BAWLING his eyes out when we were leaving to come back home. It was truly heartbreaking for me. I am so torn between my IMMEDIATE family (husband & kids) and wanting to be THERE for my parents. Have any of you been in a similar situation? It's so hard being a military family to begin with and then you add on the guilt of not "being there" for the rest of your family that it just sucks.

My husband and I have discussed a few "options" for when we are supposed to PCS to Germany but I'm not sharing them just yet because everything could change (hey it's the military - change is inevitable right?). It's not going to be an easy road by any means, but I'm hoping we are making the best choices for our family both for now & for our future.

In the meantime, with all that going on, we are preparing the house & younger kids for the arrival of Baby #4... which is a mere 8 weeks away (less now actually)! I'm being induced on February 27th! EEEEK!

Also under discussion is whether or not we are officially "done" having kids after this baby. We keep going back & forth and need to really sit down and come to a decision so we can settle the matter one way or the other. Of course there has been talk of the "big V" for hubby, but at my last appointment with my OB the other day, we discussed the possibility of tying tubes should I, for some reason, need a c-section. Seeing as how I have had 3 regular, normal deliveries, she doesn't forsee that happening, but "just in case", I also have THAT option.

So now I'm adding tube tying research to my "to-do" list so I know what the risks are and the impact to my future health.

I still plan on finishing the cookie recipe listing as well as re-vamping the look of the blog, Twitter page & Facebook fan page - so have no fear! It will just take me a little longer to get it all accomplished!

I pray you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Later Taters!

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