Tuesday, January 22, 2013

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: "The Miracle is Me" Board Book! [[[ CLOSED ]]]

Do you love to read to your children as much as I do? We read books every day and not just before bed. My oldest has loved books from the time she was a baby and now she reads at least a couple of chapters nearly every day. Of course at first, all kids seem to CHEW on books more often than actually looking at them, but hey - they are showing interest in reading right?

The little ones especially love having books read to them. If those books have color pictures, they are even MORE interested in them. The youngest is only 14 months old so she's still partially in the "chewing on books" phase so we have MANY MANY board books in our "library".

I was recently given the opportunity to read & review a board book called "The Miracle is Me" by Kristia Watson! (MyDreamyBaby on Twitter)

This book is wonderful. It sends a great message to kids of all ages who might be going through a challenging time or just need to express how they are feeling. As a military family, this will come in very handy before, during and after future deployments. Also, the "Considerations" she includes on the last page of the book are really thought provoking - such as assigning the "good" or "bad" to the specific ACTION the child did & not the child him/herself!

The amazing watercolor paintings on the pages really grab the childrens' attention. My toddler is especially into colors right now so he kept telling me all the colors in the pictures as we turned to a new page.

After we read the book (a few times in a row), I told both the little ones that they were a miracle. I said - "The miracle is YOU. YOU are a miracle!" and the toddler replied "You are a miracle too Mommy!" (way to make me cry little man)!

You will NOT regret getting this book for your children!

For being great blog readers, I'm giving away TWO copies of this great board book! A big thank you to MyDreamyBaby for sponsoring this giveaway!

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There will be 2 winners chosen from all the entries and each will recieve one copy of the book.

Later Taters!

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