Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Visit to Labor & Delivery (But No Baby YET)

It was a crazy whirl-wind SuperBowl weekend here & we didn't even have any plans! We were "just going to stay home" but I had some really good / regular contractions on Saturday that landed me in Labor & Delivery getting "checked". I was excited but hubby told me not to get my hopes up too much (I've been induced with ALL the other kids because a) the blood thinner medications I take to stay pregnant & b) because I don't think my body actually knows what to do on it's own.

Apparently I have a stubborn cervix that is VERY VERY VERY posterior (aka WAAAAY in the back & by WAAAAY in the back I mean somewhere in the vicinity of my tonsils - or at least that's how it felt when the doctor was checking me)! The doctor said that might explain the need for inductions the other times too - if baby is SUPER low it's "harder" for the cervix to come around the head & open up like it should "without a little help"... BUMMER!

Anyway I am (or was when I got checked) 1 cm dilated and baby boy is VERY VERY EXTREMELY low & ready to go... So I've been looking into NATURAL ways to help these contractions along.

Everyone says sex is great for helping the cervix "do it's thing" so that's kind of a "given" to try. Makes sense that the thing that GOT the baby in there can help get the baby OUT right? LOL! I was also reading up on Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (3 to 4 cups a day is the "suggested amount") and it doesn't START labor but is supposed to help make the contractions more effective when they do happen so I'm giving that a whirl also. The final thing I'm considering is Evening Primrose Oil (EPO). It kind of has the same benefits as having sex since it has the same stuff as sperm to help the cervix "do it's thing". Seems redundant to do both but seriously it couldn't hurt. You put a gel EPO in your "whooha" overnight & let it work it's magic. I don't have EPO in my house but I'm going to look for it today.

I'm sure this whole post was a bit TMI for y'all but I'm anxious about being induced yet again (if you've ever been induced you KNOW how much the pitocin & induction in general SUCKS). As anxious as I am there are things I WON'T be doing - like Castor Oil... a) that stuff is NASTY looking & I don't want to even imagine how it might "taste" - ICK! & b) I've heard it doesn't do much other than dehydrate you / empty you out to cause some contractions - doesn't sound remotely pleasant in my book...

One final thing I'd consider is doing a ton of walking... like maybe walking a marathon... anything to get things moving in the right direction on their own works for me!

So mommies - what's your best advice for NATURAL ways to get labor moving along? Let's share our collective wisdom with each other! :)

Later Taters!

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