Thursday, February 14, 2013

Potty Training - 1 Month Update!

So it has officially been just over a month now since we started our toddler with "hard core" potty training and we have been VERY successful! I cannot take all the credit - most of it goes to the toddler who picked up rapidly on what we were doing, but moreso I need to give some credit to my husband for being consistent each time he was the one taking him to the potty!

CLICK HERE to read about our "system" for potty training that worked!

All totaled, he filled up 4 potty charts with stickers so he got 4 new Hot Wheels cars. Once he finished that 4th one though, we had to come up with a way to transition away from "rewards". We decided to tell him after the 3rd week that when he filled up the 4th chart, he would get his LAST car AND get to go shopping and pick out some NEW "big boy" underwear! I think that excited him MORE than the car (surprisingly).

Well the day came when the 4th potty chart was full and the last car was given out. We were out of stickers in the pack at the same time so the timing itself was perfect (as if I had it planned out exactly, which I'd love to claim I did, but it just worked out that the pack of stickers was JUST enough to fill in the 4 potty charts. I'm good but I'm not THAT good!).

I was certain he would want Disney Cars underwear so we went searching at Target. My husband and I showed him all the character underwear in his size and he kept going back to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones. It was really strange because he's never seen those movies or played with the TMNT action figures we have put up in the closet for when he's bigger (they have small pieces).

Here is a picture of him with ALL of his new "big boy" underwear we got him (yes, we probably went a little bit overboard but he was just SOOOO excited we couldn't say no!).

NOTE: We later came to figure out that he thought they were FROGS on the underwear and whenever he wears a pair of them he hops around like a frog for most of the day. LOL!

He can keep them dry through naptime, but we have been using Pull-Ups at bedtime simply because he was having trouble going that long without peeing the bed (he sleeps 10 to 11 hours at night - roughly 9 PM (tho we put him IN his bed at 8) -7 or 7:30 AM). The past few nights (4 in a row) he has kept his overnight Pull-Up dry so we may try big boy underwear again for overnight after the new baby is here and we get into a good routine with all the kids.

This process has been almost "too easy" for him. When we are out places, he will tell us he has to potty so we've had ZERO accidents in public (so far - knock on wood). I'm REALLY hoping (more like PRAYING) that the other kids will be this easy to potty train!

Are you potty training too? How is it going? Have you found something really great that works for you? Tell me about it!

Later Taters!

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