Thursday, March 14, 2013

Does Everything Happen in 3's?

So, in my family, there is a saying that "everything happens in 3's" - that applies to both good "things" and bad "things" but never a mix of the two... I guess some might call it Murphy's Law... (anything bad can & will happen)...

We live in on-post housing & pretty much every week I'm calling about SOMETHING needing to be fixed. I called a few weeks ago about the boys' room window that the wind blew in... that was the 3rd thing back then...

This week, our practically brand new roof has shingles missing & I'm pretty sure it's leaking over the kids' bathroom and our heater went out (for the 2nd time this winter) - the blower needs to be replaced...

So if that family saying applies this time too, then I'm just waiting for the proverbial 3rd shoe to drop... what will #3 be? Any guesses?

I am just going to be thankful that we aren't having to pay out of pocket for any of these repairs - another bonus of living in "someone else's house"! I'm looking forward to leaving for Germany just to be away from this house that seems to need more & more work done to it the longer we are here!

Of course, there is a very high probability that Germany will come with it's own set of "Murphy's Law" disasters... at least those might come in a foreign language so I can pretend not to understand them! LOL

Later Taters!

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