Monday, March 11, 2013

Life With 3 Under 3!

So, as you may have noticed, I haven't been posting "as much" in the last week and a half... life with 3 under 3 has been "an adjustment" to say the least!

Having my husband home for the first 10 (really 11) days was truly a BLESSING! He got up with the older kids in the mornings so I could get some sleep (William - AKA lil man - has his days & nights mixed up and LOVES to get his best sleep from 7 to 10 am).

I prayed / hoped / dreamed / wished that lil man would figure out the whole "sleep when it's DARK out" thing by the time hubby went back to work (today), but alas, he has NOT & doesn't seem to be interested in figuring it out anytime soon. :(

With 2 other littles in the house, it's not exactly possible for me to "sleep when the baby sleeps" as everyone tells you to do when you have a newborn (Other people REALLY need to stop telling me that because it obviously only works with your FIRST baby - or if your other children are ALL school age).

Naptime is my only "quiet" time in our house - although Junior (the almost 3 yr old) has been fighting naps lately - but we tried going without a couple days and he ended up passing out close to dinner time for an hour & then fought bedtime those nights - he was up til after 10!

So for now I will FORCE naptime on Junior... and might even sleep then myself IF I can get lil man to sleep at that time too - no such luck today - he wanted to eat & then stare at me for an hour instead...

In the meantime, a half glass of wine in the evenings & coffee first thing in the mornings will be my BFFs!

Later Taters!

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