Monday, April 1, 2013

Are We Moving or Standing Still?

I'm beginning to seriously question whether or not we're moving forward at ALL with this "move"!

Normally, I'm a pretty spontaneous person. I like living "in the moment", but when it comes to moving, I like having some "control" over the process. In the military life, that is kind of hard to do.

Right now I'm feeling the frustrations of a PCS move - particularly our overseas (OCONUS) move to Germany this summer. I called passenger travel this morning and flights for July aren't available yet so I don't have our travel dates. That messes with everything else (& when I say everything, I literally mean EVERYTHING)!

Because I don't have flight dates, I don't know when we're going on leave.
Because I don't know when we're going on leave, I can't set up a date to clear housing.
Because I don't know when we are going to clear housing, I can't set up the pick up of our stuff (HHG).

Also, our vehicle (POV) needs to ship out of Atlanta or St Louis (so we don't have any added expenses - if we ship it from another port) so we'll need a rental car for the whole PCS leave (which I don't have the dates of, so I can't make THAT reservation).

Finally, since we don't have our flight information, I don't know when we're getting to Germany, so I can't book our temporary lodging either!

About the only thing I CAN do right now is get William in for his passport photo & pick up the other passports. Hoping to get those things done this week.

I hate feeling like my hands are tied! I desperately want/need to start checking things off our GIANT to-do list already - we only have 100 days til our report date!


PS - CLICK HERE if you need any help translating the above acronyms.

Later Taters!

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