Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good Vibrations

I, like most moms of infants, haven't been getting much sleep in the last 7 weeks. Mainly because my new little man "must be" held, snuggled and/or bounced in order to be content.

I recently (about a week ago) discovered that he also enjoys the vibration feature of my Comfort and Harmony Mombo nursing pillow! It was a God-send until he wanted to be held / bounced WHILE the vibration was going on too! (he's already spoiled, yes, I know)

We then get to yesterday, when I was searching for a bouncer that had a vibrating feature and would "snuggle" around him to give the same effect but would allow me to have my hands (& lap, & legs - you get the idea) free to actually DO things around the house. Enter the Graco Simple Snuggles Bouncer

He instantly loved it! As of this morning, he has already figured out that if he kicks his legs, it bounces along with the vibration! This is awesome to say the least! I also love the canopy so it can block him from getting over stimulated when I actually want him to sleep during the day!

Finally, we have a Kolcraft bassinet (like this one but a much older model - an "oldie but goodie" that has been used by 7 of my parents' 9 grandkids!) that has music, light and vibration features. This was a hand-me-down from my sister and I could never get the features to work (replaced batteries, tried cleaning battery terminals - nothing). I never got overly concerned about it because the other kids never needed all that "fancy stuff" to fall asleep. 

Last night, my husband and I made a HUGE last-ditch effort to "fix" the bassinet's little "box of tricks" so we could get some decent sleep in our own bed (the bassinet is in our room right by my nightstand). I cleaned the terminals, & put brand new from the package batteries in it and, miraculously  it started working! (Thank you Lord for answering my prayers last night!)

So now, our little spoiled man has 3 ways he can be "soothed" with vibrations & the bouncer he can even make himself bounce along with it which he really seems to enjoy. I'm now hoping to get more sleep at night so I can get this house cleaned up before the movers come in less than a month to pack our things to head to Germany!

NOTE TO SELF: remember to buy lots of batteries for all of the above-mentioned items! Do not want them to "die" & have to resort to what Samantha did on Sex and the City when she was babysitting Brady (do you remember THAT?)!!!

Now, looking back at the title of my post, I've got the Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch song stuck in my head (not the Beach Boys one - you can't "rock out" to that LOL!) - do you too? And what thing(s) do you have that really works to soothe your baby?

Later Taters!

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