Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Things I’m “giving up” for Lent

NOTE: I’m going to just start these during Lent and try to continue on afterwards.
  1. Negative thoughts. When I have one, I will try to find a positive aspect to the situation and focus on that instead of the negative.
  2. Yelling at the kids. Going to try positive reinforcement instead of negative (to go along with #1). Tell / thank them when they’re being good instead of always pointing out the bad.
  3. Procrastination. I have so many things I want to do and I keep saying “when it’s nice out, we’ll do _______” or  “when I have time I’ll do ______”. No more waiting. When I decide I/we should so something, we’re just going to do it. Life is too short to put things off indefinitely!
  4. Leaving things for “tomorrow”. This goes along with #3. If I’m still up, I will do the dishes,  put the trash out, set up the coffee etc. This will make mornings feel less hectic from the start.
  5. Not taking care of myself. I’m tired of the days where I lounge in PJ’s (they aren’t often thankfully) and don’t or BARELY brush my hair. Every day I will get up, get dressed and brush my hair (at a minimum tho a DAILY shower would be a REALLY nice treat). If I do that, I will feel better about myself and that will put a positive spin on my day.
  6. Not going places / doing things because we have kids. This is a BIG thing for me. We often pass up on doing things or going somewhere because we’d have to take the kids and they aren’t as “perfect” as we want them to be. How can I expect them to behave like I want in public / at a restaurant if we never put them in those situations?
  7. Avoiding doing things because I have to take all 3 LITTLE ones by myself. Ash Wednesday mass was the perfect example. I got myself all worked up worrying about it and it wasn’t “that bad”. Did they sit nicely with their hands in their laps the whole time listening intently to the readings and sermon? Of course not, BUT they did the best they knew how to do (which is all I can ask of them). They will figure it out eventually after more “practice”. I don’t know any 20 year olds who fidget and walk up and down the pew during mass.
  8. Trying to take control of, well, EVERYTHING! This is also going to be really difficult. I know I’m a control freak. I’ve come to accept that about myself. Everything has to be “perfect”. If it’s not, I tend to freak out about it until I get it “fixed”. I need to let my husband lead me towards things HE wants us to do together or things HE likes and wants to share with me. I need to let the children lead me with what they want to do/play/learn each day instead of me always directing them to what I want them to do/learn.
  9. Staying up late. This just needs to stop happening. I get to bed later and later it seems and 630/7 am still comes around the exact same time every morning and I wake up still tired and VERY cranky. I need to set a bedtime for myself and stick to it. Turning off electronics an hour before would help immensely as well. This would also give me quality time with my husband before we turn in.
  10. Soda. Yep, the standard “I’m giving up junk” for Lent promise. But this is also for health reasons – I need to stay away from soda because of what it does to me after I drink it. It’s not an immediate impact but it wreaks havoc on my insides and I just need to stop drinking it.
All of these things will put me in a more peaceful mindset to spend QUALITY time with my family and friends and those are the people who bring me closer to God because I get to see Him work amazing miracles around me!

Later Taters!

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