Friday, July 8, 2016

DIY Project - Barn Door Baby Gate!

Hi there folks! Today's DIY project is a Barn Door Baby Gate!!!

We bought our FOREVER home last summer and since then I'd been looking for the PERFECT baby gate to go in the opening between our "playroom" and our kitchen.

The search became more urgent when our 6 year old accidentally burned his hand on our stupid ceramic flat top electric stove (I HATE OUR STOVE but that's a whole other blog post in itself!).

I decided to take matters into my OWN hands (literally) and searched Pinterest for some plans! Pinterest, as usual, didn't disappoint with dozens (if not hundreds) of pictures of barn door baby gates and other wooden baby gates.

The one I saw repeatedly that appealed to both me AND my husband (which is hard to do - again, a subject for it's own blog post LOL) I had to search for the plans for!!!

Now for a brief vent...

You used to be able to click on a picture/link in Pinterest and have it link to the PRECISE person who posted it with all the information about that project or recipe! WHEN did Pinterest become spammy? I HATE THAT! I click on something and it goes to a MAIN page of a website... or some random clickbait article!
I seriously need to take a WEEK (or MORE) to go through my over 9,000 pins and check every link and delete the JUNK ones... but seriously... I have 5 kids... who has time for that??
Ok rant over... (for now... maybe that needs it's own blog post too)

Now back to the matter at hand...

I FINALLY found the plans (which are FREE FYI)... the blog they are from is called "Remodelaholic" and I have now found my "happy place"... SOOO many cool things from that site got added to my wish list! (to hubby's dismay) [shameless shoutout to the amazing folks over there... I seriously have a DIY crush on you... just sayin...]

So without further ado... HERE (Remodelaholic) is where you can find the FREE Barn Door Baby Gate Plans

I was able to follow the plan measurements PRECISELY as my doorway was 35.5 inches so this gave just the right amount of room on either side for the hinge and latch! I'm sure you can adjust it a bit if you need a wider or narrower gate.

As you can see though, I clearly flipped the X pieces in the middle but that's ok - makes ours "unique" (or so I tell myself - HA!)

Not too shabby considering I had only a miter saw and circular saw when I made this (hadn't bought our table saw YET)

The door frames on the main floor of our house are a very dark brown stain (probably Jacobean by MinWax but not for certain as they were like that when we bought it). I didn't want the barn door to blend in so I used ONE very light coat of Dark Walnut stain (also MinWax) and left it unsealed (no poly on this project)

I tried to get the screws on the back to line up all pretty in an "X" pattern but it didn't QUITE work out perfectly but that's ok - again - makes mine unique! LOL

Also want to note that the plans don't tell you to use wood glue AND screws on this (just says screws) but I used both because... 5 kids and a dog... so yeah... 

Also, I'd like to note that people are out there who make and sell these gates but they cost a small fortune (like in the $150 range!) and it's SOOO much cheaper to make yourself... and then you get to have the pride of making it and showing it off to the world...

We hung it with just a BIT of clearance off the floor (not enough for small fingers to get stuck or for a toy to make its way into the kitchen).

My only wish is that I'd gotten the sliding latch as opposed to the hook and eye we did use. All but the 18 month old can reach over and just open it... which kinda defeats the purpose... so we will likey swap out the latch pretty soon.

So there you have it... my finished Barn Door Baby Gate that didn't cost me an arm or a leg to make myself! We already had screws, wood glue and stain and the saws so the only cost to me was the wood and the hardware!

Later Taters!

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