Thursday, July 7, 2016


It's laundry day here and I want to talk about the Flip Fold Laundry Folder!

Yes folks, just like the one Dr. Sheldon Cooper uses on The Big Bang Theory! [Hubby and I are huge BBT fans]

After doing some searching of clothes folding products like Sheldon's, I FINALLY found the exact one he uses! [there are MANY imitation products out there - and I can't speak for their quality]

Here's the FlipFold "commercial"

Once I saw this and confirmed that Sheldon uses this EXACT one, I got it sort of as a "gag gift" for my husband one Christmas a couple years back -  but let me tell you - this thing is NO JOKE!

He loves it and uses it EVERYTIME he folds his clothes.

I love it too (and so does my OCD) because all the shirts are the EXACT same size & shape to fit neatly into the dressers! We've been using the regular FlipFold for 3 years now and it's still going strong!

We love the full sized one so much & have been really impressed with the quality of construction and materials. We love it so much in fact that I recently went back to the website and bought a 2 pack of the "Junior" size for the kids (green for the boys and pink for the girls).

They also have 2 packs of the adult size or you can get a set with one of each size! You get to choose from a large variety of colors to mix and match your 2 packs as well!

If you think getting one for kids is a waste of time, I am here to disagree wholeheartedly! Our kids love using their FlipFold Juniors! They are so proud that they can help out and fold their own clothes! They've really taken ownership of the laundry process and choosing their own outfits etc!

Don't believe me that young kids CAN fold their clothes? Well here is a short video clip of the 3 year old folding his own shirt with a FlipFold Junior! (He folded that entire stack in the video)!

These have been the greatest thing money can buy for a busy mom! The kids now ASK to help fold their own laundry! (MOMMY WIN!)

*** This review is NOT sponsored - I used our own hard-earned money to buy the regular size FlipFold 3 years ago and again recently to purchase the 2 pack of FlipFold Juniors! I just love this product so much I wanted to share it with you! I'm not being compensated in any way for this post and I am not affiliated with FlipFold, nor do I get a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase from them. ***

Later Taters!

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