Monday, July 11, 2016

Got Slippery Tile Floors? Get JohnnyGrip! [PRODUCT REVIEW]

When we bought our "Forever" home last summer, the one thing we didn't care for in the whole house was the dining room's tile floors. The reason is because that's the entry to the house right there and so when it rains and that floor got wet, it also got EXTREMELY slick!

I don't even want to admit the number of times I did a split (unintentionally) on that floor before we got JohnnyGrip!  Let me just say that splits hurt when you're not as flexible as you used to be!

Our tile was a gorgeous dark green and the website warned us that black or dark tiles would get what looks like a "haze" to them after using the product, but for us, safety trumped "style" and we bit the bullet and put this on the floor as opposed to paying a small fortune ripping up tile and replacing it with something else.

Here's a 6 minute demonstration video from JohnnyGrip about how it works:

I want to note here that this is NOT a sponsored post and my parents paid for the JohnnyGrip as a surprise (they didn't tell use they ordered it until I asked when it arrived at our house!) after about the 5th time I mentioned I'd did the splits! LOL [HUGE thank you shout out to my awesome parents]

The product came shipped as 2 packs of crystals that we had to mix with water to "activate". It also included a liquid sample pack that you are supposed to use first to see how long to leave it sit on your particular tile.

The directions on the packaging didn't match up to the directions that were included so I called customer service to get clarification. Evidently I received the instructions for the 1 gallon pack when I had received the 2 gallon kit. I got everything cleared up before I started so I wouldn't ruin our floors.

I did the test sample on 4 extra tiles we found in the garage. We decided that 8 minutes was the ideal time for our tile but yours might vary - so if you use this, definitely do a test area first!

If we didn't have those extra tiles I was going to start in the inconspicuous corner behind the front door where we're ultimately going to build and place a custom hall tree (future post on that when we get to that project).

So here are a few photos of the "in progress" part of this - we did about 1/4 of the room at a time though we could've just done the whole thing at once since it's not a huge space.

I put plastic bags along the edge by the wood flooring in the living room to not get the JohnnyGrip on it by accident. 

We left each section on for 8 minutes like we'd done on our test tiles then rinsed it with baking soda water per the instructions and it did the job perfectly! No more splits!

Here is what the floor looks like now (sans furniture obviously) and after bags were removed (it was still drying).

You can clearly see the haze on the far side of the room in the last photo, but like I said, safety was more important than having a "shiny" floor for us! 

NOTE: My parents had gotten us the 2 gallon kit and we only used 1 pack of crystals (to make 1 gallon) so per the customer service woman I spoke to, I returned the unused gallon of product and am waiting for my parents to confirm they got a refund for the unused portion of product. I'll update this review when that is resolved.

So, if you have slippery tile in your home, I recommend JohnnyGrip to make them have more traction when they're wet!!! 

If you try it, let me know how it worked for you!

Later Taters!

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