Monday, July 25, 2016

Monster Be Gone Spray!

Every child goes through a phase where they are afraid of any sounds they hear when they're in bed after dark.

When you have 4 kids all 6 and under and ONE gets scared, they freak the rest of them out by panicking. Add to that the lovely nightmares our 3 year old has been having and you can see why this became a necessity in our house!

I searched for what to put in a "Monster Spray" and came up with the best essential oil to help sleep is Lavender.

I picked up two cheapie spray bottles from WalMart (found them near the travel sized items in Health & Beauty) and labeled them with Sharpie.

We HAD to have two bottles because apparently DIFFERENT monsters live in GIRLS rooms versus BOYS rooms - WHO KNEW? So yeah, we have two bottles in our house!

Cute huh? I'm definitely not making millions off my artistic skills folks... I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Then I added WARM tap water to the bottles about 2/3 the way and added about 10 drops of my favorite Lavender Essential Oil to it. After I put the lid on, I gave it a really good shake to mix it up.

Every night before bed, I give it another good shake and we "hunt" for monsters under their beds and around their rooms and they tell me where to spray it. "Oh mommy! There's one by the closet - GET 'EM!"  They think it's fun and I'm thrilled that they go to bed easier than before we made it!

NOTE: Because this is essential oils (though well diluted), keep the bottle out of the reach of children between uses and do not spray directly on the kids themselves (no matter how many times they beg you - you don't even wanna know why I feel I have to say that).

Try this out for yourself and let me know how your "Monster Spray" experience goes!

Later Taters!

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