Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Saving For Vacation - Dimes for Disney!

I have been blessed in my life to have been to Walt Disney World in Florida three times. I went once when my younger brother was a baby, once when I was about in 2nd grade (give or take) and again as my "senior" trip in high school.

I now know how hard my dad worked to take our family on those two trips and how much that senior trip must also have cost my parents! (many belated "thank you's" are in order here)

My husband didn't have the same opportunities for family vacations as I did. He's never once in his 35 years been to Disney. My oldest daughter had the opportunity to go with my parents and my sister and her kids when I was heavily pregnant with her sister in 2011.

My younger 4 children have not yet been to Disney. It seems like a family vacation for a large family (or any family really nowadays) is too far out of reach.

We (my husband and I) have decided that "enough is enough" and we have set a date to go.

The problem we now face is how best to "save" to get there... sure money going into a savings account each month is great, but where is the tangible "we've saved $$$ for our trip"? It's hard to show the young kids a number on a computer screen showing a dollar amount in a bank account.

It is easy, however, to have something come up and end up spending the vacation money on it.

I have found an INGENIOUS way for our family to start saving and have it be more visual for the kids.
NOTE: I cannot take full credit for this idea. I WISH I knew who to credit for the idea - my sister shared it on Facebook or liked it or something and I cannot find the post again and when I search online I can't find the original source. If you know who came up with this idea, please let me know so I can properly link to them!
We took two 2-liter soda bottles and I printed fun labels for them with a picture of the castle and "Dimes For Disney" on them. They look ADORABLE right?

The font name is "Waltograph" and is available HERE.

Ok so, we have been adding dimes here and there when we use cash (which honestly isn't often - which I'm hoping to remedy in the future, but that's a whole other blog post).

In the meantime, I've decided that anytime we sell something on a yard sale page, the funds will go towards Disney. If it's $25 or less we'll get the amount in DIMES and add to our stash a few a day per child til they're all in there. If it's over $25 it'll go right into the savings account that we're also adding to monthly for our trip.

This way we have some "visual" savings going (sources estimate a 2-liter bottle will hold approximately $700 in dimes - which I hope to confirm once we fill one up!) and some "behind the scenes" savings in the bank.

The best part of this savings method is the kids get to participate in the process, learn the value of money AND we will be less inclined to "spend" our dimes if something comes up between now and our vacation!

Here is where we stand so far (with another 4 and a half rolls on hand to add some each day from selling an old dresser the girls had)... not too shabby, right?

What is YOUR favorite way to save for a family vacation & where is your favorite vacation spot??

Later Taters!

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