Sunday, July 3, 2016

why haven't moms evolved to have more arms?

Why doesnt a mom grow an extra arm after giving birth?  No, I'm not kidding!

Over the span of time, animals and humans have evolved to best succeed in their environment as it has changed... so why wouldn't a mom grow an extra arm to keep track of her young?

After my 2nd I definitely could've used an extra arm... and now that we have a total of 5 I would love a few extra hands... (yes I have 5, yes they're all mine... and yes we have cable TV - why is that one of the first things people ask?)

This is what I actually think about at 3 am when I have a sick kiddo (and I'm sick) and another child starts crying for me... someday I'll sleep again tho I have no idea when "someday" will be...

Lucky for me, now that my husband is retired from the Army, he was able to come to the rescue of lil princess (aka baby girl - who I'll eventually have to stop calling a baby since she's nearly a year and a half old) while I was otherwise occupied with lil man (aka the threenager who thankfully is less "threenager-y" when he's under the weather)...

Yes, I seriously ponder these things about extra arms or even "eyes on the back of our heads" (my mom swore she has a set back there and I thought for the longest time she was serious because she always saw EVERYTHING)... we should have those too... they would come in really handy on car trips!

What extra feature do you wish we moms would have evolved to have?

*** This post is obviously not overly serious and I'm not purposely excluding dads in this... my main audience is moms thus I've directed my message to them. ***

Later Taters!

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