Friday, August 12, 2016

Rescuers of the LOST Sippy

Every mom has been there - your child "lost" their sippy. But WHERE is it? In the car or house somewhere usually. I've found them under rear seats of vehicles, wedged under carseats, in cubby bins in the playroom, in the toybox, behind the toilet, in the tub, under beds, in closets, in dresser drawers & even in the recycling bin!

Well, after a certain amount of time (which varies depending on exactly WHAT was in that cup), you begin to think a) that you'll NEVER find it & b) that when / if you DO find it, it's gonna be tossed in the trash because there are just some smells you DO NOT want to smell & the thought of a child drinking from a once-moldy cup is just NASTY!!!

So, at exactly what point does the "search & rescue" mission become a "recovery" effort?

I'll tell you when...

1. water filled sippy - about a week (as long as it was filtered or bottled water) - regular tap water you might have 5 days tops... anything beyond that and it'll be slimy (probably not moldy but why chance it?)
2. juice (or diluted juice sippy) - 4 days max (shorter if it's in a hot car) before mold will set in
3. the dreaded MILK filled sippy - 24 hours indoors (12 in a car during COLD weather, 6 during hot)... milk will become curdled which is just as gross to me as mold

Anything beyond the above timeframes, and I'll be tossing that sippy & sneakily replacing it with an IDENTICAL one to be purchased when the child who lost it isn't looking!

This one for example... has been sitting in our trunk organizer (which was in the HOT van then brought into the house)... I'm not even sure HOW long honestly... but way past the "window" to save it...

It still has MILK in it (or what WAS milk anyway)... EWWWWWWW!!!!

It went in the trash can after I took photos both for this blog post and to ensure I get an IDENTICAL one from the store tonight...

How long after a sippy was lost have you found it (& where was it hiding?)?

Later Taters!

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